Kelly and Christopher

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Our Story

May seem like a frivolous and unimportant question, however "what's your favorite candy bar?" soon became the start to a fairytale romance: the quirky story of Lord Christopher and his Lady Kelly.

After a few horrific and SCARY dates from eHarmony, Lord Christopher was nearly giving up on finding his mate online until... he messaged a lady named Kelly. Desperately wanting to standout, Lord Christopher decided to lead with an extremely important question about candy bars... after all what professional grown adult looking for love doesn't love talking about candy?

After Lady Kelly ignored the message for a few days, she finally thought "What the heck" so she answered him with "Peanut Butter M&Ms "...

Although she definitely didn't answer the question correctly, by most definitions peanut butter M&Ms are not a candy bar... Lord Christopher decided to reply and ask her on a date.

Chris proposed to Kelly on the same street where they had their first kiss on Q street in Georgetown, DC. Kelly is spontaneous, while Chris is a planner. Many don't know that Chris did an initial "proposal" walk-through with his coworkers and took months to plan the special day. Luckily, Kelly was still surprised.

Their relationship has been built on trust, encouragement and of course lots and lots of laughter.

They can't wait for friends & family to celebrate the next chapter in their lives as husband and wife.