Wedding Party

Maureen & James Holcomb; Varsen & Vahram Bedrossian

Parents of the Bride & Groom

Without the wonderful support of our parents, we wouldn't have the strong relationship we have today. Thank you for being strong examples of what loving relationships should be and teaching us the skills in love. Your son and daughter thank you.

Owen & Riley Holcomb

Ring Bearer & Flower Girl

Owen & Riley are an adventurous and fun bunch.

Owen enjoys dinosours and trains. His best friend is Frankie at day care and he loves his baby sister Riley.

Riley is obsessed with the Disney princess Moana and she loves broccoli and her favorite animal is the zebra.

Kate Kundrat

Matron of Honor

I met Kate the summer before our freshman year at Olivet Nazarene University. We bonded over band camp (true story) and shared the same major journalism. We immediately became best friends and even though we live in different states, our bond is always strong. Kate is one of the most well-traveled people I know and inspires me to be adventurous and go after the things in life that mean the most. Her personality is contageous. I am so thankful to have her as my Matron of Honor and her relationship with her husband Jon is one to be admired. Thank you Kate for your sister-like friendship.

Adam Bedrossian

Best Man

Adam is my brother and I have known him my entire life. Being a younger brother to him one of my main goals has been to irritate and agitate him as best I can, yet somehow this guy never seems phased. Always cool and collected he has not just been a role model but always seems to have the right advice. Growing up I idolized him, wanting to play with whatever toys he had, trusting him to try foods I otherwise would never eat, play the sports he played, copy his style in clothes, listen to the music he loved, and pretty much did whatever he told me. Till this day I still have "younger brother syndrome" and at most times unconsciously still honor his commands, ridiculous I know. However with that said, I think it's now apparent how excited I am to have him as my best man and stand by my side.

Leona Bedrossian


I have the pleasure of Leona becoming my new sister-in-law. When I first started to date Chris, Leona immediately welcomed me with open arms and started to build a friendship. She is one of the most fun, generous and passionate people I have ever met. I am so lucky to have her as a new sister and I look forward to building our bond together. Thank you Leona for your kindness, friendship and pep talks.

Ryan Holcomb


Ryan is Kelly's brother and it has been so cool getting to know him over the past few years. His personality and energy makes him one of those people you wish you've known for your whole life, I am truly honored to have him as a brother. I am also looking forward to future "all night ping pong battles," if I had to guess our record it's probably something like Chris: 200 Ryan: 2. Get to practicing buddy.

Fun Fact: Ryan is only 2 weeks older than I!

Chiaki Holcomb


Chiaki married my brother Ryan little over five years ago. I am so lucky to have her as my sister-in-law and cherish my niece Riley and nephew Owen (soon to be another niece this summer). She is an adventurous surfer, incredible mother, and most of all a great friend and wife. Because she is having a baby girl around the time of our wedding, she most likely will not be able to attend the ceremony, but she is a bridesmaid at heart and wanted to feature her on our special day.

Matthew "Bebe" Cangas


Just as I told him while honorably serving as one of his best men back in 2011, I could write a dissertation about this guy. That's because we have so many memories, stories, and amazing times to look back on throughout our lives as really close friends. Just like my brother Adam, I have literally known Matthew my entire life, he is not "like a bro" to me, he IS my bro, just a lot more Cuban. You may hear us call each other "Bebe" because growing up as toddlers we couldn't pronounce each other's names so we both called each other "Bebe." It just stuck and I love it.

Lindsey BeHarry


Lindsey is celebrating her wedding this year in May and I am so blessed to be her bridesmaid on her special day. Lindsey and I have shared a deep bond over the past 5 years. She has taught me the deeper side of friendship and I will always cherish the relationship we've built. Lindsey was always my designated wing woman and I hers, I'm so happy she has found the love of her life and I'm honored that she has been a part in finding mine.

Hamed Ghaemi


Hamed and I met in the 1st grade and our friendship really took off when he moved next door a few years later. We went to the same elementary, middle, and high schools together racking up a lot of crazy memories in and out of school. I can talk to this guy about anything and he has helped me through a lot, he really is the epitome of a true friend. I actually have a thank you list for him, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado:

-I want to thank you for jumping off the deck first and breaking your leg saving and stopping me from jumping second
-Thanks for being in the car with me the first time I ever got pulled over by police. All we wanted was some General Tso's chicken
-Thank you for being of persian descent, it has allowed me to eat a lot more kubideh
-Lastly, I want to thank you for lowering your basketball hoop so I can feel how it's like to dunk.

Alicia Cordero


Alicia was one of the first true friends I met when I moved to DC in 2011. Over the past 8 years, Alicia has become a huge part of my life. She has a thirst for life and her strength and wisdom inspire me daily. As soon as she met Chris, she embraced him as a friend and I can't say how incredible thankful I am to have her as a friend.

Ryan "Tenca" Tenca


I met Tenca (we never call him by his first name, in fact I totally forgot his name was Ryan) in high school, go screaming eagles, and quickly became close friends. Tenca is known for his love of Boston sports (he has the biggest collection of Tom Brady apparel I've ever seen), his catchy mannerisms (his fake baltimore accent has literally changed the way some of us talk), and margheritas (I think he was the only person to ever order the $30 margherita from Uncle Julios, it's not even on the menu anymore, they probably just put it on there to see if anyone would even buy it) - Tenca did and that's why I love the guy.

Lindsey Baine


I can't remember the exact moment I met Lindsey, but I do know I instantly liked her and wanted to be friends. Lindsey is one of the most adventurous, active, kind and generous people I have ever known. I don't think anyone comes to mind who can match this woman's kindness. Although I can't keep up with her on a hike, I would gladly sit next to her for hours talking and enjoying life.

Alex Dourian


I don't have a younger brother, but when Alex was born he definitely made it feel like I had younger brother. He is actually my cousin and I don't know what it is, but all he wanted to do was grind my gears. That was his sole mission in life, yup, and he was darn good at it. But I wouldn't change that for anything because it was fun kickin' his butt at all he games he challenged me at whether it was any video game or the soccer game we used to play in his living room, he may deny it, but he knows what I'm talking about ;) Okay, Okay, to get a little sentimental I am extremely proud of where he's come today and feel honored to have him stand with me while I marry the woman of my dreams.. but let's be honest, I REALLY CAN'T WAIT to put him to work as my groomsman.

Stephanie Shaul


No one has a bigger smile than Stephanie. I first met this ray of sunshine in a Bible study group 8 years ago when I moved to DC. She and I were paired together in a "learn about each other" program in the group. All I remember is us talking for hours and we've been close ever since. I owe so much to Stephanie for helping me meet women in DC that have become life-long friends. She started organizing events with friends and now is one of the most successful wedding event planners I know. Stephanie I love you and you always bring joy.

Greg Dourian


Greg is my cousin and he might be one of the most coolest, awesomest people I know. He is also about to graduate from my alma mater, go Towson Tigers, keeping the legacy in the family alive. If there was such a thing as a "V.I.P Groomsman" Greg would be it because we all want to party with him.

Trent Cowart


Trent is Kelly's uncle and we are so excited to have him officiate our wedding. He is the head music pastor at the The Chapel in Grayslake, IL. Trent is an incredible musician, wonderful father, and we are lucky to have him bless our marriage and start our journey as husband and wife. THANK YOU!

Armen Tavitian

Master of Ceremonies

We are so excited and honored to have Uncle Armen be our Master of Ceremonies! Armen is no stranger to the mic, he has his own band in California, would be a top contender at the Karaoke olympics (if one existed of course), and has a fun and attention-grabbing personality. He is the life of any party and has one of the biggest hearts we know. Thank you, Uncle Armen!

Charlie "Chuck" Bedrossian

Honorable Mention

Charlie is a fluffy energetic kitten that joined our family the month we got engaged. He loves following us everywhere, sitting on his cat tree, and carries his favorite toy "fishy" everywhere.

Fishy recently passed away due to too much play time.